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Dave Short Creative

Dave Short Creative

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Your Talent Search Just Leveled Up!

Dave has it going on

Over 10 Years Creative Media Experience

Award-Winning Comedy Writing



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Custom Logo/Branding Design

Modern Front-End Web Design

Sensational Motion Graphics

Eye-catching Brochures

Attention-grabbing Business Cards

Made from Scratch Hand-lettering

State-of-the-Art Video Editing

Out of the World 3D Animation

Quality Creative Media Production

Elegant Precision Typography

Value Based Design & Consulting

Relevant Copy Writing

Award Winning Comedy




Creative + Comedy + Consulting

It's more than logos, websites, or public appearances. It's about giving your dreams a shot in the real world.

Dave Short combines 10 years of developing creative media with his experience as an award-winning comedy writer to provide truly unique business solutions. His value-based approach gives your business a partner invested in your success rather than a contractor who simply wants a job.


  • Expert Graphics

    As an Adobe Certified Expert graphic designer and typographer, print materials are my first love. I have the ability to promote your event like nobody else. Whether you want an eye-catching flyer or an attention-grabbing brochure, I can deliver.

  • Return on Investment

    One of the things that sets me apart from other designers is that I don't charge an hourly rate. I am a value-based creative producer and consultant. I care about your business, your event, and your success. Your investment unlocks the value of having a multi-talented, all-inclusive creative expert to use at your advantage.

  • Laugh Local

    One of my passions is local comedy. Tulsa's comedy scene is evolving into a very excellent group of comedians. We have more venues, better opportunities, and more talented comedians.
    It's an exciting time in Tulsa Comedy.
    Be sure to check my itinerary to find a show!